Completely decentralized system, no charges, the fastest confirmation and versatile BitAsset are the existing 4 proofs that buying BTS really can the benefit. The crypto coin, which has these four features in 2018, has beaten other coins like BTC by many items, including the TPS notion. guide to buying bitshares
It features the TPS or transactions per second amount equals 100,000. BTS, a crypto active within the BitShares exchange platform, also written on JavaScript and CC+, was first presented by Dan Larimer and seen in 2014.

BitShares Wallets

Like elsewhere, it is easy to register the official wallet for keeping BTS. You should do 3 things when going on the site:

  • make up your username
  • a password
  • and click on the “agree” and “create”.

But I remember being more concerned with saving the information. Some people may really be interested in seeing your password. So, a double check is a must.

Direct BTS Purchasing with Credit Card / PayPal / Cash

buy bts with cashHow to get BTS? That is my question now. It is something you will necessarily be interested in. Slowly but surely, you may buy it by means of first acquiring ETH or BTC on Coinbase for later exchanging. I’d like to open up about 2 more ways to get it done: via PayPal and for cash.

And again, you’d better purchase more popular crypto money through ATM, for example, and trade or change on BTS on Binance, or elsewhere. The main idea is to operate with available currencies and then convert it to BTS.

Use Exchanges to Buy Crypto

Try to find fair platforms like: CEX.IO and Binance. Before any operations, I need to assure that you are aware of the fees, that range from 1% to 2.9% and a possibility to store your BTS coins there.

Buy BTC or ETH on CEX.IO

buy bts with btcRegister first! Have an account at CEX.IO and then you’ll be able to enter the needed amount of Bitcoins. While adding any card or payment option to it, you may think over registering with a platform, where you will exchange BTC on BTS within seconds. In 5 minutes, the bitcoin will be on your account CEX.IO. Now do you remember what to do next?

Trade BitShares on Binance

trade btc for btsWell, it’s not hard to trade BitShares on Binance. Select BTS/ETH exchange market there. Now pick either a market buy or a limit order and check BTS in your balances. According to me and other users, we have nothing but our appreciation for the platform, but you’d better withdraw the crypto and keep in the personal wallet. While the money is transferred, you may think over other benefits from the money.

Facts You Should Know about BTS

what is bitsharesThe guys who don’t believe in BTS, I think they just don’t want to learn new things and push back all the limits. I more resonate with people who see its 2 main benefitsFirst, it can value USD or gold, but transferred by way of BTS worldwide is easier. That’s done half the time, actually seconds.

Secondly, everybody in BitShares community will participate in checking and balancing responsibilities, errors, corruption and more. That’s because we want to exclude third parties and be in control ourselves.


Do I advise to buy bts? I think in a choice of the crypto one has to be a bit cruel, in order for it to be beneficial, but it can be not a 100% result in a way where you would gain the upper hand. Professionally, I’m focused on promoting BTS, because it has the potential and 4 strong points we examined from the start.