There it is! We share our review called “How to Buy EOS” with you. So, a little less than one year after the crypto market welcomed EOS to our world, the newborn currency finally made its breakthrough.

It appears to have been handled on the Ethereum as the ERC-20 token before migrating it on its own network in the future. Time later, the owners announced that users would have got their tokens when the occasion takes place. EOS network is officially live, so we can exclusively report that it can hold both the Ethereum and EOS tokens.EOS guide

Some Words About EOS

You would be excited right about. Why? EOS network steals the show, you buddies! How so? Allow our reviewers to break it down in 7 adjectives:

  • blockhain-based – record transactions by blocks;
  • decentralized – supports Dapps (decentralized applications);
  • scalable – performs under the workload;
  • flexible – allows variations of the exchange rate;
  • fee-free – no taxes on transactions;
  • quick – millions transactions p. s.;
  • fair – each is provided with equal opportunities to gain coins out of one billion ERC-20 tokens.


EOS walletWe are finally, finally back to the action, and many thoughts have probably arisen in your head. When have last time you created the wallet? Not every exchange is applicable for holding our money. They won’t be burnt down, and it will if you don’t place the coin in the wallet as we advise. Doesn’t it seem like a perfect plan?

So what our team is guessing is that you will move your EOS coins to the registered address of the Ethereum wallet, and everything should go great on June 1 when the distribution starts.

We can’t tell you for sure, in 23 (twenty-three) hours after the release, they will be non-transferable, become the fixed. We forget to mention that moving coins should be paid by “gas”, the Ether coin form because just so distracted by the fact you should get familiar with another important process. Stay with us 😉

Buying on Exchanges

Buy EOS on exchangeObviously, you may decide to make a purchase, but when you find no ways to do so, you drop it and thus we present 3 options to make it a back-way deal. We’re the grown-ups, aren’t we? Can you handle some truth? Buying EOS directly is impossible, but…

Buy EOS with Cash

Buy EOS with cashIn our exclusive sneak a peek of having it for cash, we’d like to start with the statement: “No EOS with cash”. We also express the concern about not being able to have it directly for money. We mean it is complicated to get BTC, again trade it, especially when we already know about 2 other courses to follow.

With Credit Card

Buy EOS with bank cardsAlso, when you’re doing it in a next way, you’ll face the same problem. Probably that isn’t the most pleasant theme to bring up at the end of our article, but scarcely any exchange allows buying the crypto with the cards – credit or debit – regarding trading Bitcoin or Ethereum on EOS, this is the option when you find those few suitable exchanges, at least one would be enough.

With PayPal

Buy EOS with PayPalYou’re not a single guy to search for the method to get it by means of PayPal. There’re a number of platforms to exchange more popular cryptocurrencies on our coin though. Now let’s talk about the power of you.

If the system gathers enough fans, the major companies have no choice but to create more convenient ways to purchase EOS. It always works that way. We mean let’s wait until it will be launched this summer and if it passes the quality standard criteria for the moment. Still, we’d like to emphasize on its properties which allow it to become the leader.


We’ve seen cryptocurrencies and it’s distracting to us, when the business adds another coin to the list, especially, when the owners, including Dan Larimer, make an announcement that Ethernet Over SONET (EOS) would replace one particular leader on the market soon.

More importantly that it basically deals with it, even more, is its upgrade version, just in another form. Isn’t it just too much? That may hinder your ability to look ahead and think big. It’s a win-win situation: if it beats it, you will become rich, if not – you will stay rich due to its hype now.

PS And another tip from our experts. Mind the address you write when sending money, your mistake may cost you the sum you transfer. There’re no legal reasons to get it back. No third parties – no rights in errors on your part.