We’re advising upon the Tron: We don’t want any association with other crypto currencies. If you are interested in reliving the past and find out about Tron risings which also came together with falls. How did the platform survive? How it hasn’t disappeared from the market?

For now, it has a low-cost, but as it is said “the holy place is never empty”. It won’t last a lifetime. Seriously, we offer you considering the opportunity to buy the coins at the cheap rate now till it hasn’t grown so you can’t afford it.

how to buy tron

We understand how exactly our proposition sounds to you, so we prepared the bunch of materials approving our conclusions on the topic. Check our 3 main strategies for purchasing Tron, accompanied with a brief history of the latter, showing that its trueness is illustrative and tested by time.

The Easiest Ways to Buy Tron Using Exchange

tron exchangeIt is what it is. No sweet without some sweat. You can quit reading now and continue remaining being in the dark about a modern digital currencies’ diversity, except for knowing those buzz words like BTC, ETH, etc. 😉 The other half should be attentive now as if you want to add TRX, you’d better two steps ahead.

For example, where can you operate with it. It stands to reason that the platform you choose should accept our Tron. The more thought out way will help you avoid a mistake and register with CEX.IO which doesn’t support the mentioned currency. Still, if you have jumped at the bait, don’t get upset too early as you can trade it with other currencies like BCH, or “buzz” BTC and ETH acceptable already on another platform. So we’re gonna teach you how to pull such a deal off.

1 – Set the Tron Wallet

With the hottest currencies of the year now upon us, here comes the pressure to exploit ETH or else what. And seeing as how people seem to gain the advantage online, we took a comprehensive look at how to form up the Tron wallet using already existing myetherwallet to store the new money (TRX). Otherwise, buy hardware wallets on Amazon for this purpose.

2 – Acquire Bitcoin or Other Cryptos on the Exchange

Now we will take the readers to a new level. Here are the tips on how to buy BTC for ex. on the CEX.io. Credit and debit cards, some bank transfers plus other partner exchanges are responsible for the transformation that is done after you pay the fees and meet limits in USD/EUR.

People are quick to get to the meat of something including the Tron users when seeing it in the visually defined cutting. It’s safe to say we’re big fans as well.


Payment Methods Fees Limits
payment cards 3.5% + $0.25 $20-$10,000
bank transfers No Commission $100-unlimited
cryptocapital No Commission $100-unlimited


Payment Methods Fees Limits
payment cards 3.5% + €0.24 $20-$10,000
bank transfers No Commission $100-unlimited
cryptocapital No Commission $100-unlimited

Then when you obtain BTC you need to pay a trading fee which amounts 16% or 25% of the total amount transaction depending on whether you are a maker or a taker. If you make a visit to the finance page of the CEX.IO, you’ll also get an object lesson.

3 – Trade Your BTC to Tron

If you prepare to push everything aside, we decided to propose you our third variant, the final attempt to make things clear and easy.

Guess what? It is going to be another platform, the best used for the currency is Binance though. Make trade in this way:

  • “Peer to peer” – you choose where to buy and for what a price, e. i. LocalBitcoins;
  • However, there’s no thing more empowering than a good 2nd variant. The “Casual trading”
    means you keeping the got tron coins either in the cold storage or withdraw to the wallet you have.

Buy TRX Coins Directly

buy tron directlyThe straight access to Tron (TRX) is denied via ewallets (PayPal), also cash (physical buying, banknotes, through mails), including bank wires, and credit cards too. But you can first acquire BTC, ETH, Litecoin, etc, to trade them for TRX. It’s been revealed that the Binance exchange is well suited for that.

Short History of Tron Cryptocurrency

Well now, the cat is out of the bag, it seems fitting your ambition, Tron would present you many advantages. As much as we’d like to be clear with our readers and tell you when and whom it was established. It may give a better idea of this coin.

For example, would you support this idea, knowing that Justin Sun has been ranked in Forbes 30? He and his partners found the coin the establishment place, which is Singapore and the pride of the technology goes to Ether. TRONIX showed the fastest growth over the major favorite coins, according to the Forbes post in December, 2017.


Right now, our biggest goal is just being respectful of our audience, revealing all the info, feature nuances, ways of using and many more about the TRON network and TRX in particular. We advise it as the cost-effective deal which may result into a huge profit. You have all pros, cons to consider if you are in or not. Tick-tock!