We have been waiting for NEM to have its moment. Now our team explains purchasing the coin.
It has not been seen on the market in a while and in recent reviews, so we, who will open up about some details, guide, fee nuances that have likely contributed to its popularity already to you.
Over the survey, you will go through their main principles of buying.

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According to the terms, you’ll begin storing the money in the nem wallet only, after registering with the exchange, and prior acquiring the money on a chosen crypto platform. Team wants to make the process as clear as possible, but… Receive our apology for finding no option to get it directly with credit/debit cards, e-wallets, etc.

Now we are going to get into particulars, if some of the aspects interests you, go on reading about ways to utilize the platform.

Install NEM Wallet

nem walletWell-well, who is here? If you have picked sides in crypto currencies, having weighed their pros and cons, you should check a step-through installation process of the NEM Nano wallet.

Here it is, described by our professionals in the brief manual below:

  1. First comes a NEM wallet setting
  2. Then comes an Ethereum purchase
  3. Finally, exchange the coins on NEM

P. S. So with all the rumors about scammers, going back and forth on the Internet… You should understand how important to keep your private key safe, too.

Ways to Buy NEM on Exchanges

Buy NEM on ExchangesIf you cope with the task, it’s enough to come over to the next topic. And today’s ways to buy XEM are no different as for other coins. While you are still wondering, our experts are learning more about the fiat, btc or other crypto money exchange options for xem, of course.

You should have platforms in mind to trade the crypto for the money later, bring it to your notice though. We share all the answers we found to the popular arisen questions. It’s everything one can ever discover. Make sure, this is so.


Buy NEM with fiatYep, indeed, there is a resolution for FIAT payers. The concerned reacted to the problem and discovered the needed exchanges to pay with. Deposit an account via the following systems, such as: bank wires, credit/debit, or e-wallets option at the start. And that is precisely what we would do in your place to gain the wished-for coins.

With Crypto Coins

Buy NEM with cryptocoinsAnd, of course, we have been asked about crypto coins buying. So, we brought a few problems on the spot: if you have no coins, you are to buy them for ETH or BTC to exchange on the nem later; having them on another platform, transfer some to the nem exchange first for swaping it there on CEX.io.

More, there is an example showing how to transfer btc from cex to for ex. There are real chances to do it on HitBTC. Don’t you agree?

What’s NEM Cryptocurrency?

For the history, tutorial, description, pluses and minuses, turn to our reviews only! Writers, experts collected three key features, they want you to remember.

NEM has been already ruling the crypto market for a few years since 2015. That’s right, we’re talking about the blockchain platform, that entered the business on March 31, honey! And it kills it with their proof-of-importance algorithm or also called the POI, peer-to-peer and Java-written platform.

In our sneak peek of the New Economy Movement on the trusted sources, exclusive to our audience, the system has their code opened, which is also accessible on GitHub. NEM biggest advantages, including POI, Harvesting, Supernode Program, online client activity tracking and more, have all been illustrated below.

POI Technology NEM Harvesting Supernode Rewarding
Allows active money using Less electricity compared to mining Gives a high security
More coins – more importance for the client Lower fees To take part, 30 million XEM are needed


NEM really came out of nowhere. But, actually, they are kind of fresh breath for the crypto users. But in the end, NEM has just been better and better compared to the beginning.

We just think it is one of the best option, except for BTC and ETH, we’ve ever met. Congratulations to the users who stop their choices on it. Maybe that is the coin for you that will make it work. How do you think? Plus, they promise to release the software update – “Catapult” – to sync the private & public blockbuster. That sounds interesting, doesn’t it?