We need to make some statements about Ethereum-killer. Qtum is known as trying to put ETH out of business, on the purpose or not, we don’t know. All we know that our researchers have conducted the work on supposed advantages following you after you have the crypto.
Qtum guide
So, our experts are explaining why you should purchase the money:

  • because of wider usage of their futuristic decentralised application;
  • due to proven stable BTC/ETH protocols, which are easy to port and use for apps’ developers;
  • inasmuch as Qtum follows traces of the biggest crypto currencies, showing stable work, Bitcoin, Ethereum in particular;
  • due to versatility or self-growth and smart transaction, provided by Smart Contracts, EVM technologies.

Still, it doesn’t make this choice any easier to take. Right? In sort, it seems like QTUM has taken the best features out of two most popular crypto coins. It can be described as one, better than any of them solely.

Install QTUM Wallet

This dynamic popularity creates a seemingly never-stopping stream of new clients of QTUM. We then should try to explain the installation process, shouldn’t we? This is exactly what you should do for having your own wallet:

  1. Visit QTUM github is an easy matter that should be done prior everything else. Instead, perhaps your eyes should be on the links, that work on your computer!
  2. After that, you should place the given program to your device! (because QTUM supports mobile SPV), and the ‘qtum-qt’ file will run your wallet.
  3. “Encrypt Wallet” is required after, allowing it the Internet access, you avoid malfunction which is certain if you forbid the action.
  4. Now backup wallet.

Qtum walletFYI: Use the means for saving: USB stick or external hard drive. Most select the hardware wallet, encrypted with private keys, after series of attacks on computers or phones.

It is nature of things, you should not forget the made-up password to run the wallet again. After all, it’s worth a thousand words if you do the steps by yourself, and that may be fair. Despite everything abovesaid, you can keep coins on an exchange till things get easier with purchasing crypto directly.

Direct Quantum Purchasing

We have learned the QTUM is definitely seeing as a non purchasable coin, at least directly you can’t perform such a transaction. We’re told it can be exchanged later from ETH, BTC, and Litecoin. Credit or debit cards, bank account, PayPal or cash should be used to having these coins through a CEX.IO first and then used for trading after.

Buy QTUM on Exchanges

And yes, you are able to buy QTUM at some trading exchanges according to reviews. So, who’s ready for finding fair platforms with lowest fees to store your coins like Binance? Do you want to see where and how the process goes?

First – Buy Bitcoin or Ether

Qtum trade for altcoinsThe sources tell us that you should register with each platform, you will be dealing with on your way to QTUM. At one point, you need to buy BTC or ETH, using Coinbase or another platform, while it doesn’t serve some countries, you’ll need to apply to the alternatives – CEX.IO or Coinmama.

There you should sign up and pass the confirmation. After the registration is completed, you can come over to buying the money by following the guide: enter the amount, mind the fees, approve the required action on the “fund” page. The A-list currency can be converted then in 2 ways though. Read about each option of them below.

Second – Trade Cryptocoins for Quantum

Qtum exchangeThe good news is that you may already have the coins. And, thanks to CEX.IO, you now have a way to swap it there. Otherwise, you should acquire it on another platform.

In addition to catching an opportunity to operate the transactions of buying, selling crypto on different exchanges, you can do it by way of a single platform, but it should satisfy all the requirements and the operations with the mentioned coins should be available, too.

Now check the same out on Binance, another widely-used exchange. After having passed the registry on Binance (open/email verify) and having “funded” the account, you may just copy the following deposit address to paste it to another exchange, where you are going to cash it out from.

Apparently, you are required to supply the exchange owners with your personal information for identification: passport, email, name, etc. Guard everything for the sake of your money.

What’s QTUM Cryptocurrency?

Another day, another story. Quantum Technology, a company from Singapore, developed an ideal coin in 2013, taking the worked out features of the already existing successful projects as you could have guessed. The coin appeared to be worth more than 1 million investment from founders of such big venture firm capitals – Fenbushi, BitFund, Ethereum.


Qtum guide conclusionWe have a great time together, we learn the advantages and disadvantages of the money, briefly about its appearance, usage, key features, right now we’re ready to sum everything up. We would like to share our opinion on the matter. And before you ask “to buy or not to buy”, Ethereum, Bitcoin crypto currencies have hold some answers.

Currently, QTUM – an EVM-based platform with a BTC core, which includes (UTXO) Unspent Transaction Output, plus it offers cheaper transactions as compared to Ethereum, thanks to Proof-of-Stake technology – is at the top, but as the biggest blockchains are making constant progress, which should not be gone amiss, only time will speak.