How to acquire IOTA? All the details on buying, using, finding, understanding IOTA are inside our review on the topic. So simple when you are actually aware of the IOTA know-how statements. First comes the exchange where it is sold, then comes the purchase. It is no different as to have any other crypto online and you’ll make sure of that later.

While our readers are relieving that everything with the coin is easy, our group of experts is studying more about that money, the exchange platforms range, the process nuances, mentioned by users, owners, and various IOTA observers.

IOTA guide

How it all started? Of course, it the beginning, we had to find a direct way to buy it in mind. But there was none so we had to find another path, as the crypto money seemed to have a promising future. That wasn’t kind of a last minute thought for us. The conclusion was made maybe according to three or five factors in its favor.

What is IOTA?

And for you wondering if we approve the cryptocurrency in all ways, our pros have an answer. Surprise! They use their system devising, the tangle, not the blockchain.

The creators shared a series of key features to the public announcing about no transaction fees, instant transfers availability, infinite scalability, which seem to have popularized the coin.

Sooo, we have got another surprise. To transmit data in the network would be possible from mobile, PC, fridge, actually, from any gadget you possibly imagine, let’s call it a purpose-built platform, honey 🙂

What else do we have? Blockchain won’t be single anymore, the tangle successor offers such trading units: IOTA, Ki, Mi, Gi, Ti, Pi (-OTA), from 1 coin to a thousand, million, up to 1 thousand TIOTA worth.


IOTA walletWe’ve explored and pondered how the revolutionary IOTA is stored, how people got over the absence of user-friendly wallets, etc. Experts also say that storing IOTA on an exchange ain’t a good idea. Do you now see how problematic it is for beginners to make the decision?

Instead of the exchange platform, one would better set up his or her desktop or mobile wallet. Alternatively, one may print out the paper wallet to secure the coins.

How to Buy IOTA on Exchanges

Buy IOTA on excahngeIt’s happening, guys! It is about to get started. For the starters, we will take a look at the popular ways of obtaining IOTA. If that is not cool enough in itself, this part of the review brings some specific-delving details.

And while we’re on the subject, set up your account, form up a new profile and pass up verification, and if you are asked to do so, you’ll be doing right.

With Credit Card or Debit Card

Buy IOTA with bank cardsThe search comes to the finish, bringing this weirdly interesting experience to our readers. Aren’t you lost in the conjectures? Nowadays, you can’t avail of your credit card paying for such a purchase.

Without further ado, one should get BTC, of course, it may be any other digital currency, ETH is gaining popularity, utilizing the credit card you have. Later on, one changes it on the IOTA.

With Bank Account

Buy IOTA with bank accountIt’s finally time to say hi to another option. For good or not? It’s simple, but it adds a few more steps before you may get IOTA. First, it should be another coin, like Bitcoins. The second way reveals your bank account usage, you pay with, upon the condition that you live in Europe, including America, Australia, and Singapore.

With Cash or PayPal

Buy IOTA with PayPalIt’s almost time to talk about PayPal. While he or she has to wait till you can get BTC via this method to transfer the money into our coin, we go behind the scenes and check other variants.

But this way hasn’t been found to purchase IOTA directly. While we patiently wait for ATMs or cash options, we can speak out on the topic and suggest you our grand finale.


At the end of the IOTA review, people are able to vote on the crypto workability they thought was or wasn’t worth the trouble. So, point #1. It’s yet powered by a small amount of exchanges as compared to other altcoins.

We suppose you have no cryptocurrency for trading. Then what? You should cash in the fiat money. And another thing makes it a worse deal – a few wallets for the coin are accessible.