Nowadays, cryptocurrencies take root in our lives more and more. The world market of digital money includes numerous alternatives, each of which comes with its personal value, exchange rates, wallets, fees, etc. TETHER is another alternative to the electronic cash and provides pretty advantageous conditions.

First of all, the currency is stable, cause it is backed by the world’s standards. The volatility of other coins doesn’t refer to this one, it has a one-to-one ratio with USD. Besides, all the operations are totally transparent. In fact, the balance of the company is available publicly. Not speaking about the transactions recorded on a common chain of blocks.

Tether guide

Sending and receiving tokens from one TETHER account to another is free, and includes no duties. However, once you decide to exchange the e-money into a fiat currency again, there may be provided some fees. This time, you need to check the conditions of the service you are going to use.

Now, you’ve got acquainted with the main advantages of the system. Though, let us observe in details what exactly TETHER is, how to buy it, what methods you can use, and more. Only then you can understand whether it is worth choosing this very cryptocurrency over the others.

What’s TETHER?

Can you imagine something between a modern digital currency and cash? Yes, this is TETHER. This hybrid connects the features of crypto and fiat money, which means, you are to experience a new way of payments.

The exchange is called USD₮ and its value is linked to the soft money (actually it is tethered to US dollars, the world’s most common currency). Thus, in case you make a purchase with $1, you will receive 1 USD₮ back. In fact, judging by the value, you can call it a crypto dollar.

Still, it is also possible to use Euros, this time you will get EUR₮. Soon, the innovators are going to involve Japanese Yen, and you will be able to own JPY₮ adding it to your personal wallet.

Yet, the tendency has its contras. In case there occurs such a situation when the value of USD will be halved, you will also lose 50% of the savings in USD₮. The balance depends directly on the world’s economy, that is why sometimes it can be too risky and gainless.


Tether walletTheoretically, you can receive the wallet of TETHER right after passing the registration on the official site. Unfortunately, at the time of writing this very article, the site wasn’t accepting any signup. Though they warn that the process is offline until they rebuild the system and everything works properly.

Besides, they offer you to visit the page with the latest announcements, in order to be aware of the news. Or, there is also an option to be the first one who knows about the registration reopening. Just send a request to their e-mail address.

As for mobile wallets, which are available on Android or iOS, they require an already formed account. To put it simply, the only way to send and obtain USD₮ on appropriate e-currency exchanges is entering your TETHER wallet. Thus, you should wait for the recovery of the service anyway.

Buy USD₮ on Exchanges

Buy Tether on exchangeThe question, which is still open, is the exact way how you can own TETHER coins. There exist several methods, though, only getting to know all of them, you can make up your mind and decide which one matches you best.

You can make a purchase using another cryptocurrency or with cash. These options are the most popular and convenient. Yet, it doesn’t mean there are no more alternatives for you. Check out the description of the top mechanisms below.

With Other Cryptocurrency

Buy Tether with cryptocoinsWhen you start using one e-money, you definitely find out about the others. That is why by far the most popular and convenient way of getting TETHER is trading it for another digital currency. And in order to make it even simpler for you, there exist numerous pairs of tokens.

The top ones include BTC-, LTC-, ETC-, BCH-, NEO-USD₮ and more. Observe the full list and check out the price of each couple. In case you already have any web currency, the choice becomes evident. Otherwise, you are to read about others beforehand to make the right selection.

With Fiat Currency

Buy Tether with fiatAs we have already mentioned, TETHER is a kind of digital cash, which value is equal to the currency you select. That is why it is no wonder that you can acquire the coins with paper money. The world market offers you a list of exchange houses, which allow you to get USD₮ with fiat money.

You can use dollars and visit such portals as Bitfinex, Kraken, Coinut, etc. Once you decide to buy the tokens for Russian rubles, you can complete the operation through Exmo service. Anyway, the result is the same – you have to refill your wallet and get additional sources for e-purchases.


Those who have bought the concept of Bitcoin and its independence, the linkage and the similarity to the general banking system of TETHER seems too uncomfortable. Its being so centralized and controlled is precisely the opposite of the whole cryptocurrency idea.

That is why, numerous users are very skeptical, not knowing why exactly they should use the e-cash. Yet, even if you are not sure in the system, but still interested, we’d advise you to invest not so high amount in it. There don’t exist 2 perfect things. So, when the company suggests you try the mix of crypto money and stable price, be aware of unexpected risks.