One of the youngest and the most polirizing cryptocurrencies of today’s market is Tezos. This decentralized blockchain platform is created in the way to be self-governing. The correctness of the codes are reached by unique mathematical technologies, which also increases the security rate.

tezos token

With the fundamentals shown, Initial Coin Offering investors had numerous reasons to throw their credits at Tezos. That happened due to the fact that XTZ provided simple methods to form smart contracts. Also, it offers speed and scale of a really modern platform, not even taking into account the innovative form of Proof of Stake safety.

How to Get XTZ Wallet?

tezos walletUnfortunately, at the moment, there are no official wallets for Tezos. And as the release is constantly delayed, you can store your tokens at HitBTC. Yet, keeping the coins at exchanges is not a very smart idea, cause they tend to be hacked or just go down the network traffic.

Anyway, if you own XTZ and want to use the purchased crypto, there are people who claim that they know how to manage the currency via special Chrome extensions and testnets. The only disadvantage is that these methods are not formally normalized and it means no one takes responsibility for the results. That is why, we also can’t recommend this alternative.

Direct Crypto Purchasing

buy tezos directlyDenial, again. You have already guessed that there is no way to own Tezos with fiat currency, haven’t you? There is also no mean to use a credit card, e-wallets or other banking and online options and the only way out is getting Bitcoin or any other digital money as then exchange it for XTZ.

Buy Coins on Exchanges Shortly

Now, you can acquire XTZ only on trading exchanges. And your aim is to do your best to find a fair platform, just like Coinmama, Coinbase, Bitpanda, and others. Also, before making any monetary operations, you need to assure that you are aware of fees. Their amount can reach more than 3.5% of the sum, and this can be rather high. Only then you can decide whether you want to store your XTZ there.

First – Buy Bitcoin or Ether

buy xtz with cryptoOnce you already have some Bitcoin or Ethereum coins, this is as simple as that. Yet, if you are at the stage of a beginner, you should mind some points. There is a chance to become an owner of the most popular cryptos with the help of Euro, Pound, Dollar, Swiss Franc, etc. Just pick the best exchange, such as or

To make the things even more transparent for you, here is a short manual with possible steps to take.

  • enter the online exchange and create an account
  • pick the banking method (credit card/e-wallet)
  • mention the amount of BTC or ETH you want to purchase
  • confirm the operation and get the tokens

Second – Trade Cryptocoins with Tezos

trade crypto for xtzThere exist two ways of the solution. You can use the exchange for BTC/ETH buying and turning to XTZ. That is perhaps a simpler variant. Otherwise, if you have coins on another platform, you can transfer them to XTZ exchange and swap them there. Just copy and paste your wallet address and send the tokens to the necessary direction.

What’s XTZ Cryptocurrency?

tezos guideThe Initial Coin Offering was established only a year ago. And as the platform was so strong to rival ETH, this future smart protocol became a hot spot for numerous people desiring to make an input and deal with Tezos tokens. Unhappily, the chain of popularity started to decrease when many investors simply didn’t get the coins they paid for.


Whether it is worth buying XTZ is a very contradictory point, to be honest. The platform is more decentralized due to its smart contracts and protocol votes. However, as the token is too young, not all the aspects are analyzed and organized properly. That is why, you should have patience to understand and wait for updates.