Bitquick reviewBuying and selling Bitcoin have never been so fast and easy. BitQuick is a great virtual exchange house, which had its growth in 2013. The foundation took place in the USA by Jad Mubaslat. The market on the global scale is taken under the focus, that is why, people from all continents can become users of the service.

Whether this is an advantage or not, the site allows you to make procedures with fiat currencies only. This is just a so-called third body, which connects the sellers with buyers and vice versa. Offering a limited payment methods for transactions and plain structure of fees, BitQuick is the easiest way to have a deal with the world’s most popular digital token.

Advantages & Disadvantages

As every service, no matter which field it belongs to, this one also should be analyzed. That is why, we present you a table with the strong and weak points of the exchange. Once you get acquainted with the points, you can understand whether it is worth your trying.

Advantages Disadvantages
  • Fast transactions
  • User- and beginners-friendly
  • Transparent activity
  • Cash trading available
  • No verification provided
  • No mobile application
  • High fees
  • A server attack took place in 2016
  • Comparing to the market price, BitQuick presents higher Bitcoin price

Trading Interface and Features

As we have already said, the interface of the site is very user-friendly and simple for understanding. Once you enter the page, you instinctively understand which button to click and what to do. The marketplace is created especially for trading Bitcoin, so, there are no additional sections with other info.

Besides, there is no need in verification when buying or selling BTC. You don’t even have to create an account for real actions. All you need is an external wallet address and a valid email provided. Those who sell, they are to present some personal information, that is it. Yet, since 2015, in some cases, there may be required either document submission or SMS verification.

Bitquick buying process

Available Markets and Currencies

The single electronic money you can either buy or sell is Bitcoin. Yet, you have various possible cash alternatives to choose from. There are accepted such fiat currencies as USD, CAD, RUR, EUR, AUD. The most popular and widely used options are available, yet, the users are not able to pick Wire Transfers in the case.

Payment Methods and Fees

One of the BitQuick pros is that there are presented 30+ payment methods, choose whatever you want! The list includes MoneyGram, Western Union, Union One, and numerous others. Besides, you are free to select the price of your purchase and the amount of bitcoins.

However, there are some limits in min (0.003 BTC) and max ($400) acquisitions (check the section with sell amount, min purchase and max purchase). And now we come to the part with simple fee structures, remember? Everything is easy – when buying BTC, you pay 2%; the sellers pay no taxes at all; withdrawals are free. The rest depends on our financial institution and possible bank fees.

Bitquick payments

Other Platform’s Services

Entering the appropriate section, you are to observe the terms of Affiliate Program. That is when you have a chance to earn up to 1% of every transfer commission. The site generates a unique customized link specially for you, thru which you can make your monthly BTC payments.

So, if you refer to someone who has never used the service and if they make a splurge, you will obtain not only 0.5% of the initial order amount, but also 1% of the rest orders during the next 90 days. You receive more privileges, when involving more users.

Clients Support & Security

There is no doubt that the customer support service of BitQuick is oriented to help the users as productive as it is possible. You will feel that when getting in touch with the representatives thru Live Chat, official Facebook or Twitter accounts, sending a message via the contact form, or simply sending a letter.

The security is assured with third-party Escrow wallet, which stores currencies within the transactions. Besides, with its help, you can observe the amount of coins held on other Escrow wallets. As there is no need to create profiles, there is no 2FA presented. And even though there was an attack in 2016, the site closed for a month and analyzed the systems. No funds have been stolen in that case.

Bitquick verifying


Having read the article, you might have noticed my positive attitude towards the exchange house. Of course, as everything, it has its downsides, yet, if you have a deal with Bitcoin and no other currency is of your interest, then BitQuick is the best alternative. Simple, easy, secure and fast.